Matthew Fischer

Drum Instructor

From a young age, Matthew was drawn to music. Humming, banging on blocks, singing: these all began in toddlerhood. He was constantly in a musical environment, as he dad played keyboard and guitar in church and his mom was one of the singers.


At the age of 7 he got his first full drum set, (that he still has up until this day) and then there was no turning back. He has been self-taught for many years. It was only when he started high school that he received formal music training at South Peninsula High School and Beau Soleil Music Centre, where he reached grade 6 practical exam level.


He has played at many festivals and venues across Cape Town such as the Community Chest Carnival, Green Market Square Free Concert and the Cape Town International Jazz Festival where he played as a member of the ALL STAR BAND under the direction of Don Vino Prins. He also played on a live CD recording at the Nassau Centre with pianist Reggie Dryer.


Matthew Fischer is the resident drummer for Cape Town based band, The Pedestrians and is also currently working with Glen Hartmann, Grethe van de Merwe and Selim Kagee.


As much as he loves playing the drums, he also loves teaching it and has a heart for the youth by inspiring them to become good musicians in the future. Matthew is currently the drum kit teacher at South Peninsula High School, as well as Mitchells Plain Music Academy.