Justin Johnson

Music Theory and Guitar


My name is Justin Johnson and my love and passion for music started while I was very young. At the time my only exposure was our church band. Picking up an instrument and jamming along was an invigorating feeling joining in with the band.


While in high school I discovered my passion for playing the guitar. From there on I started playing lead jazz guitar and have been involved in high tea events, charity events, women’s day events, church rally, open air, school concerts.


After high school I completed my national diploma in electrical engineering. I started exploring with different genres of music writing melody lines and jazz instrumental pieces but I never had the ability to write or read sheet music.


When Mitchell’s Plain Music academy opened I decided to join. I completed my grade 5 music theory and grade 5 guitar practical exam done by Trinity School of London. Since then it has given me the ability to read and write and I am currently busy with grade 4 piano practical.


In 2018 I started teaching grade 1-3 theory of music at Mitchell's Plain Music Academy.